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Do You Need a Garden to Grow Vegetables?
Do you really need a garden to grow your own vegetables and herbs? Not really. On a small scale, all...

How to Make an Indoor Hydroponic Garden
If you want to learn how to make an indoor hydroponic garden, you need to know the difference betwee...

Historic Lewes Farmers Market Expands to 38 Vendors (
Farmers markets play an important part in America's food system. The number of farmers markets conti...



Hydroponics Today


Hydroponics' time has come - agriculture without soil. In a time when we are looking for safe and nutritional fruits and vegetables, free of pesticides and fresh all year long, hydroponics has a lot to offer the home gardener and the greenhouse producer. Hydroponics Today is a collection of articles on what is new and happening in hydroponics throughout the world and in your community.

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The Hydroponic Garden--A Guide to Hydroponics
Hydroponics allows us to grow the plants, fruits and vegetables of our choice--even in limited space--without using soil. It's an amazing way to produce perfect specimens and offers TONS of advantages that traditional gardening can't come close to touching!

Bad Tomato, Good Tomato (Rexburg Standard Journal) (11 Jun 2008)
There have been 167 cases of salmonella nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two of them were in western Idaho. After interviewing people who have fallen ill with salmonella, officials think the salmonella serotype, or strain, Saintpaul is being carried by large tomatoes. Those who were interviewed fell ill between mid-April to late May. Broulim's Produce Manager Rich Ballard said that hydroponic tomatoes, which are grown in a greenhouse in a controlled environment, and vine tomatoes are still safe to eat.

Valley Teen Ranch to Create Hydroponics Farm (Madera Tribune) (10 Jun 2008)
Valley Teen Ranch in Madera, which houses and cares for at-risk youths, has adopted a plan to develop the ranch further into a working farm - using hydroponics. The new plan includes growing fruits and vegetables hydroponically on virgin acreage in south Madera County. Boys living on the ranch will have the opportunity to learn about agriculture business and science, marketing, nutrition and more.

Hydroponics: An Interesting New Way to Grow Plants (Killeen Daily Herald) (08 Jun 2008)
Forget everything you know about plant growing. It doesn't necessarily take water, sunlight and soil to make healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs. Lots of people are taking advantage of a new system that only requires the first two: sunlight and water. The result has been bigger plants, juicier vegetables and easier maintenance - something any new gardener can appreciate.

Vendors Bring Early Produce, Arts, Crafts to New Season of Great Falls Farmers' Market ( (07 Jun 2008)
Great Falls Farmers' Market offers one-stop shopping for the brightest blooms; radishes, rhubarb and green onions fresh out of gardens that will yield truckloads of produce in a few weeks; assorted pies, breads and other homemade goodies, some even for furry family members; handcrafted items like jewelry, clothing, blankets, birdhouses, soaps, candles and wands; photography, paintings and a lot more.

Support Jersey Growers (gmnews) (06 Jun 2008)
There's more than just vegetables for sale at New Jersey's farm stands this growing season. Buying locally grown products will help New Jerseyans reduce their carbon footprints, improve their health, and help state farmers keep their land out of the hands of developers. When residents purchase Jersey-grown food, they are reducing energy and oil consumption, since doing so does not require the same shipping and transportation efforts. They are also reducing pollution for the same reasons and because in most cases less packaging is involved.

Self Sufficient Life
Learn about keeping And raising chickens and poultry, growing your own fruit and vegetables, herbal remedies, how to build your own greenhouse, and hydroponic gardening. Today, hydroponics is used in a variety of settings. Wherever soil is unavailable, hydroponic gardening seems to appear. Wildcatters on offshore oilrigs grow their own tomatoes. Cooks on nuclear submarines hydroponically grow vegetables to use in there crew's meals. Right now, plants are growing on orbiting space stations without a single grain of soil.

Historic Lewes Farmers Market Expands to 38 Vendors ( (05 Jun 2008)
Farmers markets play an important part in America's food system. The number of farmers markets continues to grow in this country. They give local farmers the ability to sell food they raise directly to customers. These markets serve as important vehicles for economic growth, both for producers and for the business community where they are located. They allow consumers to purchase fresh food grown by local farmers, they help create new farms and support ones that are already in business. They help create activity in towns and neighborhoods, and serve as important gathering places for building vibrant communities. Farmers markets reconnect people with one another, the land and the source of their food.

The Urban Farmer: One Man's Crusade to Plough up the Inner City (The Independent) (01 Jun 2008)
Is it realistic to turn over our spare urban soil to the cause - and is there really enough of it to do so? Erik Watson, an urban design director at the town-planning company Turley Associates, strongly believes that inner-city agriculture is the future. As such, he is already advising his clients on ways to incorporate farming into their developments and is particularly excited about the potential for transforming existing space enclosed in the traditionally British city structure, the "perimeter block" (a row of buildings constructed around an enclosed, private square - typically divided into private gardens).

Magnet Program Turns Thumbs Green ( (01 Jun 2008)
Ulysses Gober didn't know much about planting or landscaping before he signed up for the agriscience magnet program at Seneca High School. Three years into the program, the 18-year-old senior has learned all about soil types, hydroponics, aquaculture, greenhouse production, landscape design and even sports turf management.

Perfect peppers - St. David's Hydroponics Grows them for shipment across North America ( (31 May 2008)
They harvest about 75 kilos of giant, perfect peppers each week. St. David's Hydroponics is a whopping 17 1/2 acres of agricultural activity under glass -- and it's hot. As I walked through the thousands of eight-foot tall pepper plants, workers were harvesting red peppers. Huge trailers full and overflowing with glistening, beautiful peppers were being wheeled into the packaging area to be sorted by size and packaged by weight. Boxes were piled high, waiting for shipment to grocery stores that would offer these tasty peppers within 24 hours of being picked. Now that's fresh!

Rotary Speaker Explains Plan for 'Nuclear Green Farms' ( (30 May 2008)
Hydroponic farms, used to grow produce, herbs and plants without soil, would be built around the desalination plants. Surrounding the hydroponic farms are aquatic farms. The idea is to have the collection of farms circle the nuclear power plant in the middle. The farm would resemble a series of concentric circles. Sayre said other countries such as Germany, France and England use hydroponic farms, and Japan is in the midst of doing developing its own. "There are about 30,000 acres of hydroponic farms worldwide, but only about 800 acres in California," he said.

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